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Are there any side effects with the treatment?

The ingredients have been used in Eastern medicine for hundreds of years and at this level they are completely safe.  The combination has also been tested over many years and has shown to have no negative implications and only beneficial health outcomes.

In terms of side effects, people generally report improvements to their energy and mood without any negative effects. Over the first two to three weeks, some people may experience a tingling sensation in parts of the body where high levels of the virus exist. This sensation is attributed to the ingredients working to repair the nervous system. The Herpes Simplex Virus lies within the neural ganglia nerve cells. The Amino Acid Formula and Rhodiola actively supports the immune system to target the foreign virus here, while also repairing the damage done to the nervous system. Astragalus, Rhodiola and the Amino Acid Formula are powerful antigens, they stabilise and normalise hormone levels, whilst also boosting the immune system functions, which enables the elimination of the virus.

If you do have an autoimmune illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, it is advisable not to take Astragalus. The reason for this is that Astragalus stimulates and improves the efficiency of the immune system. So, if a person has an autoimmune disease their immune system attacks the person’s cells.

The combination will not re-activate or stimulate the virus. In the early stages of the treatment, in around 10% – 20% of those people with a higher viral load may experience a response, which can present as red bumps, a mild rash or what appears to be an outbreak. This is not uncommon, as it is actually a good sign that the treatment is detoxifying the virus from the body by causing an influx of dead cells to be expelled. This reaction is called a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction; the immune system releases an inflammatory response, causing a rise in symptoms in the area in which the bacteria or virus are being eliminated from. This treatment is not designed to suppress the virus but rather eliminate it and so this cleansing process is a good indicator. This response again only occurs in 10% of those with a higher viral infection and passes within 1 – 2 weeks.  If you are taking prescription medication or suffer from any serious health conditions, please contact the support team to discuss if there are any potential interactions.

How long does the treatment take to work?
Are there any guarantees that this will work for me?

Synergy’s protocol has been developed on the basis of rigorous clinical studies. Our research has shown an over 70% success rate, where those infected test negative for herpes infection, after receiving the treatment protocol. For further reference those people who presented with noted symptoms showed that in 80 – 90% of cases to have ceased all viral symptoms by the end of the treatment.

Synergy Global Science are extremely confident in this product’s ability to effectively eliminate the herpes virus for sufferers that they will make every attempt to support and guide people through the process to a successful outcome.

As with any other medical treatment, there can be no guarantees. For instance, a doctor is not absolutely confident of the efficacy of antibiotics or other treatment regimens. This is because the efficacy of treatment can depend on many other variables including the overall health of the patient, interactions with other medications or compliance with the treatment.

We are committed to doing everything possible to help our customers achieve success with the treatment.  Our dedicated customer support team is available to actively support every client to attain the best possible result.   

Is this Treatment available anywhere else?
Is this effective for oral herpes as well as genital herpes?
How come my Doctor doesn't know about this treatment yet?

The existing antiviral medications produced by pharmaceutical giants offer only temporary relief but are a billion dollar business. The yearly profit from just antiviral medication alone for one of these companies is over 4 billion dollars annually. If people become aware of our highly effective treatment protocol, these companies would stand to lose heavily.  This is the reason why these companies have resorted to extreme measures to block and limit the availability and media representation of this product. 

Furthermore, the medical association is anti natural medicine and only recognizes conventional western medicines such an antivirals as the standard choice.  It would be quite rare to find a Doctor open minded enough to appreciate that natural medicines can work better than pharmaceutical medications.  For example Doctors often tell their clients that it is safe to have intercourse and you won’t infect your partner if your taking Valtrex (the main antiviral medication).  However, this is completely false, with many clients advising us that this misinformation was the the reason why they became infected initially.  


How do I contact customer support?

You can also use the contact form on the customer care page to submit your query.

We do not offer a customer call centre service at this point due to the hundreds of daily inquiries we receive.  This is also in line with communication models adopted by EBay, Amazon and many other major companies.   A call center service would demand allocation of extensive resources which would escalate the product price to the public.  

Our dedicated customer support staff provide excellent service and we are committed to providing a rapid response process.

Can I take this treatment if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The treatment can be safely taken before becoming pregnant. Our stringent testing shows that the products do not impact the female reproductive system and are completely safe.

However, if you are pregnant currently, we recommend that you discontinue this treatment. While we use natural ingredients that potentially carry no risks to the baby, there is insufficient evidence currently to support this theory. As not many studies have been done on pregnant and breastfeeding women, we do not recommend taking the treatment in this situation.

Is this treatment safe for children?

The treatment is safe for children above nine years of age. There has not been adequate research conducted on children below the age of 9 years of age.  Children may also find it difficult to swallow the capsules. If the capsules are opened and the contents are mixed with water or juice, the taste may not be pleasant.


Currently, not many studies on the safety of plant-based supplements have been conducted in children below nine years.