Roger’s Story

In 2011 I had the disastrous and life altering experience of being intentionally infected with Genital Herpes or HSV 2. I was tested twice and diagnosed, the shocking awareness that my relationships were never going to be the same again was absolutely devastating. Over the next few months I suffered from repeated outbreaks and fell into depression.  It was at this point that I decided I was going to beat the herpes virus and set about finding the solution.

Being health conscious I was very aware of the benefits of natural supplements, not only to positively improve my health but also as a better alternative to pharmaceutical antiviral drugs. I extensively researched plants and herbs from all over the world and came to a formulation of all natural ingredients. After starting on this combination, within a few months I noticed the outbreaks ceased as did any symptoms. It was eight months after being infected that I retook the blood tests, they concluded I was negative and completely free of the virus. The combination had not only stopped any symptoms but had eradicated the herpes viral cells and allowed the antibodies to drop to negative.

I was obviously ecstatic and since I knew how terrible and serious herpes is to people it became my aim to help others. Before I was able to do this though, I had to firstly make sure it was indeed effective. The only way to make certain that it worked was to voluntarily re-infect myself with Genital Herpes again. In spite of the risks, I realized the potential to help other people suffering was far more important. After being reinfected it was one month later that medical tests diagnosed me as once again being infected with HSV 2. I again commenced the same treatment and within 6 months the combination proved to be conclusively successful and I was totally free and cured of the herpes virus once again.

Since this time, I have passed on the specific formula and combination to Synergy Pharmaceuticals. They are a great team who are dedicated and passionate about helping people and overcoming viral diseases, especially the herpes simplex virus.  Synergy went on to  conduct many trials in which the results and extensive research proved that this treatment does work to eradicate the herpes virus. Its been a pleasure working with their team and wonderful to see that this solution is available to the general public. My goal that others may be able to enjoy a life free of herpes too is now a reality.