“I am an attractive, single, 55 year old female (friend say I look like a Barbie doll) lol! Silly! I was diagnosed positive in November 2012 after an extremely stressful season in my life when my father passed away. My earliest remembrance of a breakout was in my early 20’s. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and I notices a pimple forming on my chin. As days when by it got worse and formed into little blisters. I never thought anything of it because back then we were not so educated on the virus. At least I was not. The blisters crusted and went away. It happened years later and I mentioned it to my dermatologist and she gave me acyclovir but never mentioned the virus so I was clueless.

So now I have had this virus from my Early 20’s into my late 40’s and then what happened is I had felt something funny in another area. Well because I use a razor and I do often nick myself became a cut and the cut began to blister. Never had the blister been tested but I went for blood test because by that time I knew something may be wrong and I was diagnosed positive for 1 and 2. I was so devastated. So much so that when I went to my general practitioner I had her retake the test and I was still positive. I have not had a date since November 2012 because I’m still so devastated. At age 53 I went into menopause and the outbreaks lessened (I never has a lot of breakouts and they were real severs) so I thought when I had not had one in a year that I was healed and at 54 asked my gynecologist for another test and I was still positive.

That is when I started to research the virus. I read everyone’s blog. I read everyone’s cure. I watched everyone’s video on YouTube and I saw synergy. I read everything about synergy. I read every blog – I looked at everyone’s results-I read every ingredient and what it does and where it came from and I looked at the price and it was less expensive then my own vitamins so I said I’m going to try.

The first month was tough on my body. If you look above we are looking at 35 years and maybe more of this virus in my body so of course I’m going to feel rough with it being eliminated. I have no idea when I got this virus but I know it was prior to the wedding in my 20’s so as you say the virus is being eliminated it has to come out and my skin did itch it was tough. I do have sensitive skin so the treatment and 35 plus years is to be expected. In the meantime I had ordered a hsv type 2 test online and was saving it for my 55 birthday. I was 3 months into the treatment the rash had calmed a bit and I took the test. I got the test and put it away for a week and then I took my time -watched someone online take the test so I would not mess it up and I proceed to take the test and I watched my results. My results were a clear negative. Praise God for you all!!”

Beverly T


(Synergy advises that the recommended duration for the treatment of herpes is 4 – 6 months. *Individual results may vary)

“Hi Synergy,

I was skeptical whether the tablets would work I will not lie……. it has been just over 3 months plus being on double dose and paying for a nutritionist to provide me a balanced but lysine > arginine weighted diet.  No alcohol, plenty of exercise and minimal stress.

I have been given the all clear!  NEGATIVE FOR HERPES ON MY IGG TEST.

I cannot thank Synergy enough for giving me my life back as I worded it.  Such fantastic news I felt like such a weight had been lifted!

I have been on double dose and just dropped onto single dose which I have another 3 months left on that I will complete to be additionally safe.

Thank you again Synergy!”

Troy A

“Hi, i hope you are all doing well. I wanted to let you know that i got rid of the virus! Thank you!! I see no symptoms at this time and would say it works great! I brought my doses to one capsule of each and extended the doses i had. At about month 5, i ate grains and chocolate that may have helped bring the virus out. Along with an added equivelent to one dose of the other 4 supplements (not the unigue amino blend) with different brands each day. Including a liguid astragalus and rhodiola in pill form that worked great. I still feel great and wish i could get more for the added boost and the assurance that all my cells are clean. I have been on the treatment for just over 7 months. Thank you sincerely with all my heart. Any questions that could help please let me know. You guys did it! Its amazing thank you all!!”

Monica T

“It may seem like a small thing to people who don’t have the virus but it’s such a massive burden. Couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Peter F

I’d like to inform happy news.

In last May, my IgM and IgG was negative and since last February I had no symptoms by now.

And my doctor said he cannot believe this result and simultaneously he said it means virus does not exist

in my body even if he cannot believe that.   

(In fact all doctors in my country believe this hsv virus cannot be eliminated if once infected.)

Anyway thanks for this result.”

Kim W

“Having suspected that I may have HSV2 back in Sept 2016 after a small rash appeared in my lower region, I had both the IGM and IGG blood tests, both of which registered negative. A few months into 2017, a similar rash appeared in the same place and get again I had a blood test, which again tested negative for HSV2 antibodies. Fast forward to 2018 and after a nasty attach of shingles, I tested positive (IGG) for HSV2. My antibodies, doubled and I was clearly positive. Having researched the problem, it seemed that there was a cure for HSV and Synergy seemed to me to be the leaders in offering alternative medicine to kill the virus and remove the antibody load. The after sales service is excellent and they are attentive to even the most simple of questions. I ended up taking the prescribed course for 6 months and following a blood test last week my antibodies are now below the cut off!! So positive to negative after just a few months.”

Thomas K

“I purchased last January. And not I just want to share I was late taken the treatment and did Postive 6 months ago. I took a 6 months treatment. I just receive a Negative result today by Doctors. I’m so happy!! I give honor to God the Most for your product. Thank you for staying in business for those to find the truth. Love”

Guiliana P

“I’ve been using the treatment for a few months now and feeling great, highly recommended!”

Michael D

“After 5 months and few days of treatment, completed at the beginning of last November, I tested for herpes 2 and the result was NEGATIVE. First I would like to thank Synergy for this miracle that even medicine does not explain yet, as my doctors do not believe it.”

Bjorn A

“If I can promote this product to all the people out there with Herpes and doing it tough I would. This has been a blessing and an answer to my prayers. I’ve been telling my friends and family to get the word out cos you’ve helped me and my partner so much.”

Ashley P

“On the August 7th 2017 I thought my world was over when I found out I had the virus Herpes 2…..

For months I felt depressed what happened though it’s nothing to be shamed of but I was . The stigma was the worse part…. though I knew friends who had the virus supported me the best they could. But it wasn’t enough for me! I decided to do my own research for a cure! That’s when I found Synergy Pharmaceutical. Seeing Rogers testimonial…. I thought, let’s give it a shot.

I recently had a blood test once I finished the medication. NEGATIVE!  I was in shock and surprised but felt incredibly happy!  One of the best parts was the continued support I got from the company, any questions or concerns had while taking the medication were quickly answered and detailed.  I consider myself most fortunate for having the virus for short amount of time but very, very happy to have found Synergy Pharmaceutical. I can’t thank them enough….  

No more Suppressants!!  And yes I have told my family and friends about this treatment!!

Your best investment in your life is your health!”

Russell T

“Great for shingles. Had it for a few months and it cleared it up in no time.”

Ninette G

“I’ve been using this product for about 4 months, and I hav’t had a breakout since starting. Before, I was having breakouts every 3-4 weeks, or back to back breakouts, despite being on daily antiviral therapy. For me, this has been such a effective product that I do recommend anyone give it a try. I can say my anxiety about breakouts has been greatly reduced, which was in itself worth it.”

Dimi P

“4 months in and not a single sign of an outbreak since the first month, where I had one mild one. Compared to the nasty antiviral meds I was on before this protocol far exceeds it in every way. Couldn’t be better and thanks for all the brilliant support and feedback too.”

Martin G

“Absolutely everything I was looking and praying for. Super impressed got the negative result I was after worth every penny”

Ron S

“I’ve been taking your product for roughly 8 months. At the time I begin taking it, I was having non stop outbreaks. They were so bad and so painful. Since I started taking this product, the outbreaks lessened more and more to the point where I haven’t really had one in at least a few months. I experience very mild symptoms that would be indicators of a potential outbreak, but no outbreak follows. I just wanted to share that story. I believe that for me it has taken longer because I’ve had this virus in my system for well over 20 years.”

Francis B

“Best decision of my life was taking a gamble with this. I still have trouble comprehending that I’m now cured.”

Barry J

“Hi, I am literally over the moon this is the first time in the last 6 years of my life that I haven’t had an outbreak in 90 days, I am going to go out and help other people that I know are suffering know that this does work. There’s so many haters who want to bash any hope down but this is real. we can live once more again and enjoy life fully,”

Jordan W
Port Macquarie

“In 15 years I’ve been stuck in the shi* with this parasite. Tried it all, you name it I gave it a shot even drank peroxide for a month until my stomach gave out. You people at Synergy deserve all the awards and acknowledgements for coming up with this. I have my freedom back again.”

Christopher P

“There’s only been one product in 15 years that’s worked for me and this was it. Having herpetic whitlow all over my hands and an aggressive HSV 1 strain around my eyes and mouth was no picnic. This fixed both in under 6 months.”

Leighton M
St Albans

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Certainly relieved to have done away with the virus that was causing me so much health and mental baggage.”

Nick I

“This product is so long overdue! I’ve been getting told by my Physician for years that there will never be a cure and those bastard pharmaceutical companies that sell antivirals they just make money off the people. You guys are so different though like I know you’re a pharmaceutical company but your genuinely here to make a difference and not make $$$$$. I tell you, I had the greatest moment of my life getting that negative result and looking at his dumbfounded face was priceless. Terrific job your doing, I cant rate you highly enough.”

Paul T

“Hello, I have only been using the Synergy Pharmaceutical products for close to six months now. I recently got PCR tested for herpes and it came back negative. These supplements work for sure. I even posted my results on that ridiculous blog that’s supposed to help ppl and they deleted it. It’s such a conspiracy they don’t want other ppl to know this works because then they’d lose followers and advertising money, it’s so shocking but thanks guys you’re the best for staying true.”

Larry F

“I had herpes for two years and I kept praying that I would be healed.  Then I came across your website and ordered your products last September.   I had an outbreak initially  but have had  no outbreaks for the past 3 months and I really feel that I am healed.  God bless you”

Jesse A
Culver City

“I’m 5 months in, some details about me I’m a female obv, 42 years old, HSv 1 since forever with cold sores prob twice a year. Hsv 2 since 8 years ago with regular ob’s with my monthlies. First month on this still had the usual ob. Second month a very very minor one barely noticed it. Then ob free since then, I’ve got my fingers crossed I can go for longer, it’s already been the longest gap in 8 years.”

Vernice C

“The latest results I received were 0.85 that’s just under the positive spectrum. Can you advise if I can eat arginine based foods again or should I wait until it’s at zero.”

Gary H

“Before I was having outbreaks like every 3 weeks they were intense too and ruining my life. I think I’m around the 3 months mark and the outbreaks have totally gone”

Jim B

“Can I say that this is the first stuff in 7 years of testing and trying different products that’s actually worked.”

Andrew K

“Not only did I receive the order within 3 days, the quality of the product is equally excellent. I do feel the change in my health taking effect after less than a month. Thank you for all the relevant information on your website. I continue to recommend you to my friends !!!”

Amelia M

“First of all, the delivery was pretty fast (and discreet). The product itself is pretty amazing at how it changed my energy levels from the start. Progressively I noticed my skin on the face get better too, clearer and more fresh. What I noticed the most was the absence of any coldsores, esp after drinking that’s when they always came up the next day. I am yet to drop into the clinic for the retest, this far though with zero symptoms anymore, I’m confident that I’m actually cured already.”

Meagan T

“I just wanted to inform you all I received my negative results and I am also symptom free. I am truly thankful for all of the support and encouragement throughout this process. I am overjoyed to finally be healed, I give praise to my almighty God for using you all to invent products that actually works. I also believe the working out play a vital role in this process. Again thank you, and I’ve already spread the information to others but of course it’s a delay bc it says the products are in high demand but they are looking forward to it. 

Again thanks!!!!!”

Brittany S

“Synergy, I decided to take a test just to see where I was at and this is the first test I’ve taken since I was diagnosed and it came back negative!!!!!! I can not thank you guys enough. I feel like the biggest burden of my entire life has been lifted off my shoulders! I have been crying for the last 10 minutes. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have already told three of my friends in the same situation! For anyone that believes this can’t happen I would love to tell them personally it’s real!! I am at a loss for words!”

Adam W
San Diego

“I have wonderful news!!! I took my blood test HSV IGG 1 and 2. The HSV 1IGG returned positive but HSV 2 IGG returned negative( Hoooray!!!!!). On the 27th of August will mark 90 days on the treatment. I am hopeful that HSV 1 will also become eradicated.”

Shamira K

“I appreciate the respect you paid to my privacy with the packaging. It’s not a thing I wanted people to know about and a trauma throughout my life. I wouldn’t be writing back to you normally, it’s just that literally I’ve never been so happy that I felt indebted. After I got my results back a weight has been lifted, you have no idea what this meant so truly I thank you immensely for giving me another chance … “

Mark R

I have been taking your supplements for the past eight months now and couldn’t believe the results. Hearing the doctor say you are negative brought tears to my eyes as I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing which made me want to take another test with another doctor. Again, could not believe the results came in as negative.“

Melissa K

“I’m on MS medication that has completely killed my body’s defense mechanism. Therefore, I am constantly getting genital outbreaks. I’ve tried everything…(over the counter, prescription….you name it.) I had to be careful of the Astragalus as you recommended but it’s actually worked perfectly for me. Not a sign, only a slight tingle once but no outbreak and it’s been a few months.”

Rachel L

“Every winter, for years, I get a cold sore on the corner of my mouth and it last for literally months. It hurts, breaks open every time I open my mouth to eat or yawn and it’s embarrassing! I’ve tried everything and nothing has ever worked. This winter the cold sore spread to my chin! So through google and Youtube came upon this. I started in maybe last December and it’s been the best thing I ever did. Of course I didn’t believe it would work but I gave it a shot and I literally haven’t seen any cold sores since.”

Tiffany B

“To be honest I was skeptical at first because there are so many scammers out there selling false hope to people. Five months in though to get the negative blood test results back from my Doctor and to know I was no longer infected was one of the best days I can remember. I owe you my deepest thanks.”

Caroline U

“This is brillant, I’m been eating those things I love like peanuts and cashews that before were causing me breakouts all the time. Now zero breakouts and I can eat what I want no trouble.”

Tony W
San Juan

“You cannot put a price on health and to be back to 100% is a total gift, fantastic stuff!”

Kimberly M

“Can I just say I hate the way all the bloggers on that stupid forum smash anyone for trying something new. I’m hesitant to even say I’ve tried this and it works because of all the haters who rip ppl apart for sticking their heads up. This is the real cure what else can one say to those who don’t want to listen. ”

Humberto O

“If you’re anything like me and spent years researching and searching for a cure, let me tell you this is the real deal. It took a good 5 months to work but I had serious blisters coming up on a regular basis so no wonder. I’m at the 7th month and not a single sign for the past 2 months of a blister, a red spot or anything. I went to the doc’s last week and they called me with the results today, I almost cried when they told me I was negative. To go through…”

Abraham C

“so I’m in the 6th month of the medicine, I went to Dr and took the herpes test, I was positive for both oral and genital 6 months ago but came out only positive for oral and negative for genital I’m so amazed and grateful,”

Salima W
Kuala Lumpur

“I wanted to thank you all so much for your help and support I think I no longer have herpes all I had was a little pinprick of red the last two months and praise the Lord for you all. And so I think the red pin prick is probably normal for what you have told me that the body still acts like the virus is there but not. And so I’ve had no major symptoms for at least two months maybe more. Again praise the Lord and thank you all so much.”

Brian H

“A huge thanks to ​you guys​. It’s been such a turnaround for me, I g​ot the negative results back I was waiting for finally, took a little longer than I had hoped but you know I got there. One thing I would suggest to other people is to watch the foods cause they’re a major issue. For me it was the beer and nuts they were triggering things off but once I cut them out things moved faster​”

Eric V

“I wanted to thank you so much for everything. My outcome has been really amazing. I did have a little rash at the end of my 3 months into the treatment. Since then, I have had very good results. I did need to be patient in the beginning, but now nearing the end of my second 3 month package my results have been great. By the 4th month I barely had any trace appear and now at the 7th month I haven’t had any signs for months. I can barely now see any scars and my skin is looking about all even. I think the transformation is huge, massive thanks to you Luke and the team for helping to finally get rid of this bloody parasitic thing.”

Jason T

“Fortunately for me I for some reason rarely get out breaks. I may get 1-2 out breaks every year or so. This year 2018 was very unusual for me as I’ve had 2 major outbreaks in Jan and March both right before I was scheduled to go on vacation. I followed your directions religiously, cut the breads out, same with the nuts like you advised. Went and had the checkup again on Monday and scores were in the equivocal range. To tell you the truth I’m satisfied with this this is awesome really.”

Eric D
West Meadows

“I had this nasty disease and was self conscious and worried constantly. I gave many medications like Ozone therapy, oregano oil, even some weird alternative therapies and none of them worked. Then I tried this treatment and it was almost instant that I could feel the difference physically and mentally too. I believe the herpes had somehow affected my thinking and my emotional state. All that has changed now, I recommend this product to anyone wanting to be finally and entirely rid of this disease.”

Lydia T
Gold Coast

“My doctor told me today that I no longer have any signs of this horrible disease anymore. I think he was as surprised as I was happy. I couldn’t be more relieved, I feel I can be me again. The support and everything has been amazing.”

Daniel T

“You guys provide an amazing service that I have been looking for since I was diagnosed, with great prices and excellent customer service. I’ve already recommended you to people I know and I’ve been thoroughly impressed! Keep up the great work!”

Sara P

“This stuff has proven to do the trick for me personally. I can’t say if it’s going to be the same story for everyone, I was stuck with the outbreaks 6 times a year for 12 years. No indication and no sores for 6 months now and still all clear. The prognosis is looking good but I don’t want to jinx it.”

Alejandra G
El Paso

“I just wanted to take the time to email you back.. and say thank you for taking the time through the treatment with me. You are doing a brilliant service and you enabled me to have my freedom and health back. Thank you, a massive thanks to you all…”

Rhonda C

“The lowest point of my life was finding out and having to deal with a deceitful and evil boyfriend who infected me. I’m awesome today as this is the happiest day of my life, picked up the results this afternoon.”

Emily S

“In May 2017 I had my second severe painful outbreak just following the one in March. The Valtrex didn’t seem to help in my case at all! Made me very sick as a matter of fact. I ordered your combination, after 2 months everything was gone. Had me worried in the beginning as I did have doubts. Great stuff overall I appreciate every bit of assistance you gave to me.”

Danny Y
San Jose

“Thank you thank you! To find out I don’t have Herpes anymore has been the greatest feeling.”

Donna H

“I’ve been waiting for years for a product that can actually end my outbreaks and rid me of the virus so Happy!!”

Betty C

“Hi, I’m a current customer and have bought a set of 6 month supply. I am experiencing so much success with your product i wanted to show it to my family and couple friends as well. I am and they are stricken with HSV-1 symptoms which despite that they are non sexual in origin and have no effect on genitalia it is still quite stressful and painful for mine and their everyday lives. You guys have really come to save the day for me and i wanted to share that.”

Kennedy W
Fort Worth

“By Profession I work as a naturopath helping a number of people many clients of which have herpes. Many clients have a range of health issues that they face. We utilise only natural products, I’ve tried this product from Synergy for a number of clients with great success and has to be said it’s actually worked for clients that had herpes for a number of years and have now been completely outbreak and symptoms free after the completion of the treatment. It is with great pleasure that I can endorse this treatment whole heartedly.”

Adrian R

“I was skeptical but I had to talk to you about my situation because I’ve done everything possible for me to get cured, and the doctors doesn’t make us believe there is a cure. I did exactly what you said, i took the medicine for some months just the way I supposed to and my Hsv1 and 2 is gone. Now I’m free with no side effects or whatsoever. I really appreciate the good work of this company for the good thing they done”

David S 

“Ages back I was so nervous to date and once I found this man who I now love I couldn’t bear to lose him. You guys got me over this and saved my relationship. Total life changers and a Godsend”

Felicia M
Kansas City

“I just wanted you to know that my test results came back negative. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and for your commitment to helping people get better. I’m overjoyed!”

Nancy M

“After using synergy for 7 months, I have tested negative for hsv1. I am beyond enthused & so appreciative of the whole synergy team. I feel like I have my life back. I no longer feel hopeless & alone. I want to thank the synergy team for their exceptional customer service skills and thorough explanations whenever addressing my concerns. I also appreciate them keeping my privacy. I encourage anyone feeling hesitant or skeptical about trying synergy or sticking with the protocol to do it. It is so worth it in the end. The team helps you along your healing journey. I was suicidal and hated myself for contracting such a nightmare. I felt absolutely disgusting. It was such a burden for me. I felt absolutely helpless with the frequent symptoms. I also lost a guy I loved over this disease. Now, I want to tell him and the world that it is not permanent & they should use synergy to get their lives back. Trust the process & take the advise of the synergy team.” 

Alexandra G

“Unfortunately my ex-husband left me with oral herpes and I thought I would never have a love life again. I tried two other treatments with no success. When I found these pills I took a leap of faith and did the treatment for 7 months. I just took my test and it all came back negative!!!!! I’m fighting back tears as I type this testimonial. You can be free and healed from herpes. This is not a scam it’s real!”

Jennifer M

“Hope you are well and OK as well as the staff at Synergy Pharmaceutical.

Just let you know i had my blood test done.
The results….. negative. Thank you so much all of you.
It’s peace of mind to know. I’m free from this virus.
I have recommended the product to three of my friends. All intrigued and want to try as i believe its better i can be proof that you have cure.
Thank you so much for continued rapport and feed back and guidance to my emails.

Thank you so much everyone!!

Nicholas B

“When I found out I had this disgusting disease I thought I was done. I even contemplated taking my own life, I could only see the future being labelled and I didn’t want to infect anyone else. To be single and infected was like a prison sentence. To be clear after taking these for 6 months it’s been like a miracle for me. Please keep helping ppl”

Charlie H
Fort Worth

“Well let me say that last year I got terrible rashes in all my ‘creases’. Eg my operation scar on my tummy, in my groins, under my breasts and armpits. I went to my doctor who sent me to a gynecologist who took a biopsy and when I went back to the GP he told me I had herpes. I was in shock. How could this be? My husband and hadn’t even slept in the same room together because I am a semi-invalid with a wheelchair, plus after he had two strokes, and a double heart by-pass over several years and all the medication that goes with all of that, we could not engage in any sexual activity. I wondered “how on earth could I contact herpes? My husband didn’t have it! I was told that it could have been contacted many years ago, maybe with my former husband. I was baffled! Well, I saw this online ad for your herpes cure so I placed the order and so help me the rashes disappeared. My husband is 90 and I will be 87 next month!”

Donna S

“I have great news, my wife went for a test. And was cleared negative on both HSV1 AND HSV 2. She doesn’t have it anymore.”

Stephen M
St Kilda

“I’m soooo glad I found this product. I’m delighted with it, keep it up. I love it. I’ve been through so much suffering all this years, finally I found something that work for both the cold sores and the sores downstairs”

Hailey R

“My journey with herpes spanned more than 10 years, over that time it ruined my relationships, my self esteem and my health. I’m finally at a place now where I no longer suffer from this virus and it’s completely thanks to you guys at Synergy. I finally have my life back, forever grateful.”

Jerome J

“Been 5 months I’ve never felt better, actually I’m at my best health level now than I can remember. Not a trace of the herpes blisters and no coldsores. I had my doubts but more than happy to be wrong on this occasion.”

Antoinette R

“I bought this product for the first time in 2017 when I got a cold sore and had exhausted all of my options to avoid them. I found this video from Roger one day and gave it a shot. I haven’t gotten a single cold sore or any signs of one since. Not having a cold sore for an entire year, after getting them every 2-3 months has been the most magnificent thing.”

Dominic J
Mont Albert

“I contracted herpes in college and I’ve been living with the genital form for 22 years now. I bought this out of desperation because last year I was having breakouts one after the other. August 2017 I had a severe ob in which I had to get back on my Valtrex. After 5 months on this the ob’s faded away substantially. I had a very mild sign at the 5th month since then I haven’t had anything come up. I stopped taking it at the 6th month and its been 9 months now so doing great so far.”

Christine W

“The nurse said the pcr was good enuf to confirm I’m negative. I had the urine dna pcr done for 1 and 2 strains cos before I had the type 2 positive”

Christian R

“Me and the wife couldn’t be more relieved. Bloody brilliant work after having such a terrible crap time for years for the both of us. W​e were in a lot of pain as I told you in the beginning, having regular sores we couldn’t even do our daily activities without the pain. But very pleased, you did us a great service getting this out there. Thanks a bunch guys keep it up.”

Joel P

“Good News, results were negative, thank you so much.”

Juan S
Sao Paulo

“Product works wonders. I was diagnosed with hsv1 in my genitals area due to a previous relationship. I’ve used this for 6 months, had some pretty decent outbreak at the 2nd month lasted for over a week. Post that nothing I can remember. Had the checkup probably 2 months ago that came back negative to both HSV 1 and HSV 2. Very happy with this product.”

Daryl R

“I had zero expectations going into this… but wow! I’ve been surprised on all levels. A little about me, I had severe mouth, lips and face sores pretty well constantly appearing inside the back of the mouth and the lips. Yes it was a nightmare to say the least. I had the Jarisch reaction 6 weeks in, nothing too serious just 3 sores that passed in a week. Then on everything started to subside. I did have some occasional skin itching, redness but I have not suffered from anything for the last 2 months of my final supply. I have still not had any sores so I went to the clinic last week and asked for the igg test you advised to take. The results were negative in the lowest range 0.82 so can you explain this to me in more detail as I want to make sure I cannot infect anyone else”

Bernice A
Santa Monica

“Super impressed. My life was on hold, it was on standstill. I couldn’t even date properly and exercise was ​very uncomfortable. This product has been really great for me​. I am very grateful.”​

Bethany W

“All Clear, found out today. I truly appreciate your rapid response and all that you guys are doing for people like myself.”​

John V

“So I ‘ve been using your products from synergy for about 5 months now. I don’t have outbreaks anymore. I feel so much better. Also I am not sure exactly what’s in the products but it helped with my energy too. I don’t understand the scientific stuff or how it all works; but I feel great, your customer service is really good all the time too I wanted to mention that.”

Sophia D

“This whole experience has been one massive life changing rollercoaster for me. I was in such a bad place, thinking there was no way I’d ever have a meaningful relationship again. To now be herpes free for 6 months its been a miracle. Before the outbreaks I was getting were monthly, they’d last for a good two weeks and then the sores would linger around almost constantly. It’s been 6 months without an outbreak, I feel like it’s completely exited my body altogether. The support your team provided was amazing, like all the way through, to know I could rely on you was crucial. I’m ready now to move forward with my life again, I feel renewed. I’ve just started seeing someone and fingers crossed it works out, they’re fantastic…..”

Samia Q
Fort Lauderdale

“Thank you for making such a huge difference in my life, I really appreciate it!”

Amanda S

“Wow Ben you are seriously my hero, this has been the best health I’ve eva xperienced. In all, 5 months post takin it and no sores or anything. What’s with all the rubbish the cynics spin that there is never going to be a cure. If I had listend to all of them I neva would of given this a shot… ”

Dennis B

“I’m not experiencing the issues with my eyes , the dry sore lips and sores inside of my mouth. I’m also not experiencing the issues with feeling the herpes inside my body. I actually feel close to normal again. I will be ordering my second month supply tomorrow but just wanted to tell you thank you for giving me back my life, I will be forever grateful.”

Michelle P

“I feel blessed for having the opportunity to find you and to be able to overcome this condition. Thank you for all your support and assistance,”

Mitzi F

“I found your service to be of excellent quality in all aspects, from ordering, right up to receiving the item. Nice to see there is still good, old fashioned, quality service around.”

Natasha D

“The Synergy team, you have brought so much good energy to my life. It’s incredible and I owe you more than words and more than just appreciation, I just don’t cant find how to say it but thank you thank you thank you”

Dana N 
Latrobe Valley

“35 years was how long I had to put up with this crap. Great to be rid of it wish this was available all those years ago.”

Murat A

“I was diagnosed with genital herpes back in October of last year, I recall that I had core sores back in 2012-2017 so I’m sure that I had both. The gyno tested my downstairs area back at the beginning of Sep 2017 when I had an outbreak and told me that I have genital herpes back then but didn’t mentioned about the herpes simplex one for the oral. I went ahead and ordered 6 months supply in May. Early one it was a very mild outbreak just one pimple. At this point now 7 months later there hasn’t been anything”

Joanna E

“My blood test came back clear and my doctors are amazed. I sincerely appreciate everyone involved in your team for saving my life by bringing my health back. My mind and body are alive again. Life never felt so good before! Thank you with all my heart. I will be spreading the word of the miracle that you have achieved in every way possible. I’m very happy to know that you will be back in action soon! What you are doing is amazing!! I know people are waiting anxiously.

P.s. I’m not sure if it helped but on the last month I did everything I could to bring the virus out while I was on your supplements by eating chocolate, cookies, stress and i did take antiviral medication for a few days on and then off. I know you have this down to a science and that may have nothing to do with my success. Either way it was at the six month mark that I saw my best results. I had a very aggressive case of hsv2 so no doubt that time was necessary for me.

Best Regards❤”

Bianka M